boys will be boys or girls
or ho hum, anything they want

to be. girls will do the same.
cars tackle pedestrians or

protesters or just squirrels,
and dogs and cats sometimes.

trucks take a life easy, they
being so big, fast, high up off

the ground. look around friend,
see how beautiful Super Target can

be at night? everything from jewelry,
to artwork, to chips in cans,

–oh!– they’re out of ping pong
paddles. s’oh well, we’ll just

grab some at Spec’s, they always
have table tennis gear there.

this sky is navy and vast, above the super
shopping center, and it feels good to hold
their hand. we smile in the parking lot.

y’know, I’m not sure what Mr. Tillman
is talking about. how can one be bored in the U.S.A.?

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