Toon Link

The Tiny Hylian Terror

This lil guy can spam with the best of them. Toon Link is fast in the air and quick with all sorts of projectiles. His arrows aren’t quite as quick as Young Link’s, but they’re still good at pestering; they seem to go a bit farther than YL’s fire arrows. The boomerang is a good tool, as are the bombs. These three toys used in conjunction make for toon link 2some pretty mean harassment. Toon Link’s up b doesn’t seem to have quite as much upward mobility, but it’s still a solid recovery option. The last sword strike can also kill at decent percents.

Toon Link has a pretty good aerial speed. His nair comes out fast, but doesn’t stay out too long. His bread and butter seem to be fair and bair. You chase down people with these all day, and both moves have kill potential. Uair is still a great kill move. I hate Toon Link’s dair, as it sends you straight down and limits any horizontal movement. Yes, it’s a pretty strong move, but I think you have to get creative to hit with it. It does spike, so maybe there is some potential with it as an edgeguarding tool. (I’ve messed up Wii Fit Trainer quite a bit with this dair, actually…) On the ground, I feel like all of his moves are good, but they seem to be missing a bit of ‘unf’. The back throw is still great, but it seems a bit nerfed. All of his smashes seem slightly… less powerful. The range leaves a lot to be desired. His f smash for instance hits only once, though it does hit above him a little. The up smash too, hits around Toon Link, and can kill, but he’s too short to do anything to people above him on platforms. I like the the forward tilt a lot (it hits above you as well) but again, the range leaves something to be desired.toon link 1

Toon Link is a character you need to zone and pester with before you do any real work with his sword. Some characters will be easier than others to chase down and punish, but Toon Link’s tiny lil sword and smashes aren’t big or scary enough to go toe to toe with someone like King K. Rool, Ike, Ridley, Snake, etc. That’s why you’ve got the bombs, arrows, and boomerang. Against other sword wielders with no projectiles, you should be able to especially abuse these toys. I think his strengths rest in his speed, both on the ground and in the air, and his solid set of b moves. The thing holding this guy back, in my opinion, is a lack of kill options. Yes, you he has them, but you’ve gotta get creative in late in the stocks. Remember the uair, the up smash, and be heavy on the bomb usage. You should be able to give most opponents hell.

toon link arrow